06. Teacher Certification of Home Schooling Parents (4/89)

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Whereas numerous studies from the past 25 years fail to show that teacher training, certification, or advanced degrees for teachers result in student achievement; and

Whereas the wisdom of certifying public school teachers is being questioned (the Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy has recommended abolishing undergraduate departments and schools of teacher education) and several states have waived or are considering waiving public school teacher certification requirements; and

Whereas private schools in Wisconsin are not required to employ certified teachers; and

Whereas the number of states requiring certification of home schooling parents has been reduced through court cases and legislation to, in effect, only one state; and

Whereas the single variable that consistently correlates positively with student achievement is family background and parental participation in education;

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA opposes requiring certification of home-based private educational program parents as teachers and will work to prevent it from being mandated. 4/89

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