Board of Directors

WHPA Board Member Expectations

  • Attend board meetings. (Minimum of three board meetings held each year.)
  • Serve a two-year term of office or until a qualified successor has been installed.
  • Chair or be a member of one active committee and participate as needed and when practical with other committees.
  • Be a member in good standing in WHPA.
  • Promote WHPA membership to other homeschooling families.
  • When chairing a committee, submit reports at board meetings and be available to respond to inquiries, suggestions etc.
  • Use discretion when discussing board related matters and support board decisions/positions to the public and with your board committees.
  • Adhere to WHPA’s mission, policies and procedures as outlined in the WHPA bylaws.
  • Respect the contributions of fellow board members, committee members and other volunteers.
  • A copy of WHPA’s bylaws is available to current WHPA members in good standing upon request.

WHPA Board At-A-Glance (according to current WHPA Bylaws)

  • 5-13 members (elected by the board itself)
  • 2-year terms (no term limits)
  • Board members must be current or former homeschoolers, have been a WHPA member for at least one year, and have attended Board meetings for three consecutive meetings or six months.
  • A quorum consists of 60% of the current composition of the Board.
  • Officers of the board shall be: President, (one or more) Vice President(s), Secretary and Treasurer.

Current WHPA Board of Directors

PresidentJodi Buntin – Jodi strongly believes in homeschooling and preserving the right and freedom for all families in Wisconsin to homeschool according to their own beliefs and convictions. She and her husband have homeschooled their two sons in northeastern Wisconsin since the beginning, and are grateful for the homeschooling pioneers who paved the way.

Vice-PresidentDawn Cisler – Dawn has long understood that our Wisconsin homeschooling freedoms are mainly due to the efforts of WHPA, and is happy to assist with these efforts. Dawn and her husband Jayson have had the privilege to raise, nurture, and home-educate their seven children on a small farmette in Northeast WI.

TreasurerMary Sue Adams – Mary Sue and her family decided to homeschool when her son was just two years old. Their thirteen (plus) “school years” journey has been a blessing, with 2016/17 being the first year homeschooling as a single parent. Mary Sue’s involvement with WHPA started on the Conference Committee in 2012 and shortly thereafter with the Board. Mary Sue feels that spending time with the families of WHPA has influenced her family in tremendously valuable ways.

SecretaryJennifer Grasse – Jennifer and her husband, Brett, live in Milwaukee and have four entirely homeschooled children. She and her family have been inspired by WHPA conferences for decades and are so grateful for the work WHPA has done to preserve the homeschooling freedoms of Wisconsin families.

Question Answering Committee CoordinatorColleen Manning – Colleen lives in the hilly, southwest corner of Wisconsin with her husband, Ron. They home-educated six children from birth to high school graduation. Colleen has supported local homeschool families since 1999. In 2015, she began volunteering with WHPA because she wanted to work together with others to protect homeschooling freedoms in Wisconsin.

Legislative Watch Rebecca Ahl – Rebecca and her husband homeschool their two children, near the city of Madison. Both kids have been homeschooled in Wisconsin since they were old enough to legally do so, and their family is grateful to exercise the right to live such interesting and joyful lives. The family has been very active with their local homeschool group, and has volunteered together for past WHPA conferences. Rebecca is excited to join the board and help keep the Wisconsin homeschooling law strong and effective for all families.

Membership CoordinatorMichelle Holmquist – After their own positive experiences in small-town public school systems, Michelle and her husband were late-comers to the idea of homeschooling when their oldest was struggling in public school. They now passionately embrace Wisconsin’s homeschool law and freedom. Michelle enjoys the discoveries and relationships that homeschooling their 2 children has brought to their lives, and she is committed to supporting WHPA’s efforts to ensure those same opportunities for generations to come.

Last Updated on 09/19/21

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