02. Wisconsin’s Home Schooling Law (4/88)

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Whereas the current law (1983 Act 512) regarding Home-Based Private Educational Programs (HBPEP) provides for (a) protecting the state’s interest in education by requiring that HBPEPs meet basic educational requirements and comply with the compulsory school attendance law; (b) protecting the parents’ rights by requiring that the information reported to the state and attested to by parents, while sufficient to protect the state’s interest, is not too burdensome or intrusive; does not violate constitutional, parental, and religious rights; and does not violate the principle of innocent until proven guilty; and (c) protecting the rights of children by allowing HBPEPs enough choice and flexibility so that they can be true alternatives and thereby meet the educational needs of the children enrolled in them; and

Whereas certain recommendations to further regulate HBPEPs (a) have not been supported by documented need; (b) would most probably be unconstitutional; (c) have not worked historically in Wisconsin; and (d) would probably do more harm than good; and

Whereas the current law is working well;

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA supports the current law (1983 Act 512) and opposes changing the law.

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