20. Privacy and Homeschooling (4/94)

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Whereas there are increasing efforts by government, researchers, schools, and big business interests to identify and track the behaviors, values, interests, abilities, buying habits, and risks of individuals and families in our society; and

Whereas increasing efforts are being made to screen and evaluate children’s abilities and development and to assess how well families are preparing their children for school and the values of the school; and

Whereas screening, labeling, and recording of information about young children may threaten a family’s freedom to homeschool; and

Whereas identification and tracking systems and practices not only invade one’ privacy but also put authorities, institutions, professionals, and businesses in the position of judging and labeling children, parents, and families and thereby threatening their freedoms; and

Whereas a federal bill may soon be reintroduced to promote immunization and establish the first federal registry of all children beginning at birth; and

Whereas a bill was recently introduced in the Wisconsin legislature that would help protect people’s privacy by significantly restricting the identification, tracking, and surveillance practices that can be used by government, businesses, and schools, including limiting the use of social security numbers to identify and track people;

Be it resolved by the members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA and its members will work to inform people of practices that invade their privacy and threaten their freedom and will work to support legislation that will protect people’s privacy. 4/94

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