45. No Child Left Behind (5/05)

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Whereas the federal government has no constitutional authority over education but gains power over education by creating programs in education that give federal tax dollars to states and school districts who comply with the requirements of these programs; and

Whereas the federal government has used its grants of tax dollars to influence and control education, including in recent years the establishment of national standards for elementary and secondary education; and

Whereas a major piece of legislation known as No Child Left Behind was recently passed that requires of any school that receives federal education money to test children in grades one through eight using state-approved reading and math tests; and

Whereas public and private schools that take money under No Child Left Behind and do not meet federal standards can be taken over by the state; and

Whereas preparing students for the tests requires that schools use curriculums geared to the tests, that teachers teach to the tests, and that the values and beliefs of the government are instilled in children; and

Whereas such legislation puts increasing pressure not just on public schools but also on private schools to conform to the national standards and testing requirements; and

Whereas such testing requirements erode alternatives to conventional schools and local control of public schools; and

Whereas any school including private schools that accepts federal education money comes under the very broad authority of No Child Left Behind; and

Whereas it is shortsighted to say that since homeschoolers pay taxes, we should also receive the monetary benefits from federal and state education programs;

Be it resolved by members of Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA will work to inform its members and homeschoolers throughout the state about how No Child Left Behind threatens homeschooling freedoms and to ensure that homeschoolers do not request or support programs such as No Child Left Behind. 5/2005

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