38. Public E-Schools (5/02)

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Whereas public e-schools are public schools that are located in homes by means of a computer and the requirements and oversight of federal and state governments; and

Whereas these schools are often called homeschools and the public will undoubtedly view them as homeschools; and

Whereas these public schools require state and federal testing of students; and

Whereas such schools are required to meet federal and state standards; and

Whereas such tests and standards will dictate the curriculum of the schools; and

Whereas state and federally mandated curriculums eliminate any real choice in how an actual homeschool could have an education consistent with a family’s principles and beliefs because they limit the family’s choice in curriculum and methods; and

Whereas over time the general public and legislatures are highly likely to regard public e-schools and actual homeschools as very similar if not the same and therefore are very likely to impose the same testing and curriculum requirements on actual homeschools as they do on public e-schools; and

Whereas parents choosing public e-schools can get a similar if not the same education through regular public schools or private e-schools; and

Whereas once actual homeschools come under regulation similar to that required of public e-schools, parents seeking an education consistent with their principles and beliefs will no longer be able to choose to homeschool in a way that is consistent with their principles and beliefs because the regulations will limit the family’s choice of curriculum and methods; and

Whereas public e-schools would limit the choices available to parents rather than increasing them; and

Whereas public e-schools displace the role and authority of parents and families; and

Whereas public e-schools would funnel large amounts of tax money through school districts and turn them into profits for corporations that are promoting such schools; and

Whereas promoters of public e-schools are taking unfair advantage of laws relating to open enrollment, charter schools, and state aids for education that were not designed to deal with such schools; therefore,

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA is opposed to public e-schools and will work to inform homeschoolers and the general public of the problems with these schools and;

Be it further resolved that WPA will work to ensure that public e-schools and corporations that promote them do not become a basis for increased, unnecessary regulation of homeschools. 5/02

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