16. Government Collaboration (4/93)

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Whereas legislative proposals are being made to combine the budgets, rule making authorities, and exchange of information about individuals and families among the state government departments of education, social services, labor and employment, the judicial system (including law enforcement officials, the courts, and corrections), and the University of Wisconsin-Extension service; and

Whereas such collaboration would greatly expand the authority of the state in the lives of individuals and families, ranging from prenatal care and counseling to day care to mental health assessments and employment services; and

Whereas collaboration would change the role of the government from that of providing a service to those who requested and/or needed it to that of determining which people need help and deciding who is fit for what kind of education and work; and

Whereas such a role combined with the authority of a super-governmental agency would further displace the role and responsibility of the family in raising children, nurturing self-confidence and independence, and supporting a wide range of principles, beliefs, and acceptable ways of learning; and

Whereas there is a growing trend of government using its authority to extract specific behavior in exchange for services and/or money; and

Whereas a government with this kind of authority over the individual would threaten civil liberties, minorities such as home schoolers, and basic freedoms;

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA and its members are opposed to legislating such government collaboration and will work to inform WPA members and the general public of the problems and risks associated with such proposals. 4/93

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