03. State-Mandated Standardized Testing (4/88)

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Whereas standardized tests are only one way of measuring the mastery of a specific set of facts; and

Whereas standardized tests can become a means of determining and controlling the curriculum, teaching methods, and structure of a school or program; and

Whereas there is increasing evidence that standardized tests do not measure what they claim to measure; and

Whereas standardized tests can be used to label children, to justify additional testing, and to require child placement out of the home; and

Whereas state-mandated standardized testing provides that the state rather than the parent would decide when children are ready for tests, what tests will be used, how and where tests will be administered, and what to do about the results;

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA is opposed to state-mandated standardized testing and will work to prevent it from being mandated for Home-Based Private Educational Programs. 4/88

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