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Refer A Friendnew page

Being the Administrator of Your Wisconsin Homeschoolnew page

Eventsadded Spring newsletter deadlines and 2022 Board Meetings

Protecting Wisconsin Law – added Legislative Resources

Membership – added Library Membership

Financialsadded 2020 Form 990

2021 Virtual Events

Return to School FAQ

Guidelines for Accepting Memberships and Donations

Current Issues (improved organization)



“The Handbook” (At Home With Learning: Homeschooling in Wisconsin)

When and How to File the PI-1206 Homeschool Report (updated for clarity)

2021 Conference

WPA is Now WHPA!

COVID-19 and Homeschooling

WHPA 101

Gift Memberships

Are there tax breaks for homeschoolers? What about the educator expense deduction?

Graduation Requirements 

What’s So Unusual (and Great!) About Wisconsin Homeschooling Law

Will I need any of my homeschool records when I enter the workforce?

Public dollars put Wisconsin homeschooling law at risk

Call to Action Regarding Request to Form a Committee to study WI Homeschool Law

WPA Response to Abuse and Regulation

If my children don’t “go” to school, does that mean we’re homeschooling? Clarifying the differences between a home-based private educational program (homeschooling) and other programs where children may be doing school at home.

2017-2019 Wisconsin Budget Bill passed and signed

Required Records vs. Personal Records

2017-2019 Biennial Budget Bill

Expanded information on PI-1206 filing

Does my local school district receive money for my child even though he/she is homeschooled?

Update on WI law for youth employment (6/23/17)

What if my child goes back to conventional school midyear?

All Wisconsin statutes pertaining to homeschooling


Is homeschooling right for me?

Do I have to continue filing the PI-1206 once my child turns 18?

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