24. Maintaining Wisconsin’s Homeschooling Law (5/96)

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Whereas Wisconsin has a reasonable homeschooling law that homeschoolers have worked hard to pass and maintain; and

Whereas homeschoolers are a small minority; and

Whereas there are interests that are politically and financially powerful that would like to see increased regulation of homeschools by the state; and

Whereas any change to the homeschooling law or any privilege or benefit to homeschoolers that might be proposed, such as providing legislatively that homeschoolers be counted for state aids when taking one or more courses in a public school, could easily open up the homeschooling law for debate, change, and amendment; and

Whereas legislating any privilege or benefit gives the state additional authority and power over the people that receive it;

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA will work to maintain the homeschooling law in Wisconsin as it is; and

Be it further resolved that WPA will work to inform the general public and legislators that we are not asking the legislature to pass laws that would increase the privileges or benefits granted to homeschoolers by the state and that we are not asking for clarification of laws relating to homeschools. 5/96

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