27. School-To-Work Programs (4/97)

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Whereas school-to-work programs would greatly increase the influence that schools have over people’s lives by giving the schools the authority to issue “certificates of initial mastery” and “certificates of advanced mastery” that would be required for some jobs; and

Whereas school-to-work programs aim to change the fundamental nature of schooling by requiring that students acquire certain knowledge, skills, abilities, and values in order to pass the tests that lead to the certificates; and

Whereas proposed state and national standards in education give the government the authority and ability to require that students acquire specific knowledge, skills, and abilities; and

Whereas these standards would set a dangerous precedent by allowing the state to require compulsory education (current laws require compulsory school attendance but not compulsory education); and

Whereas school-to-work programs and state and national standards in education would combine to give the government increased power and authority over people’s lives; and

Whereas school-to-work programs include testing to determine the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values that are held by students; and

Whereas school-to-work programs would affect homeschoolers who are interested in jobs that require certificates of initial and advanced mastery;

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA will continue to oppose state and national standards in education (see WPA resolution “America 2000 and Wisconsin 2000” 4/92) and will oppose school-to-work programs; and

Be it further resolved that WPA will work to inform the general public and legislators of the problems with school-to-work programs. 4/97

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