42. The Media and Homeschooling (5/04)

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Whereas the media in the United States holds enormous power to persuade and to inform or misinform the public; and

Whereas the media is a primary source of news for most people, including those who hold it in low regard; and

Whereas the media seldom does in-depth, independent fact-finding but rather relies on experts in universities, think tanks, foundations, and large organizations for the news they report; and

Whereas the media increasingly reports at face value the views and prejudices of government officials instead of playing the media’s historic role as the “fourth estate” of questioning, if not challenging, government officials on behalf of those who hold less political power; and

Whereas minority groups such as homeschoolers are especially susceptible to being misrepresented since we are not large in number, are not wealthy, and are not politically powerful; and

Whereas maintaining our homeschooling freedoms requires that the general public and elected representatives be well informed about homeschooling and the rights and responsibilities of homeschoolers; and

Whereas homeschoolers in Wisconsin have secured and maintained their homeschooling freedoms in large part through the work of thousands of homeschooling families accurately informing their elected officials, school boards, school officials, and the media and, when necessary, correcting misinformation reported in the media;

Be it resolved by members of Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA will work to inform its members and homeschoolers throughout the state about the importance of responding to misinformation reported in the media so that homeschoolers can maintain the positive reputation homeschoolers have worked to achieve with the general public and can maintain our homeschooling freedoms. 5/04

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