How Can You Help?

How can you join WHPA in our effort to protect our homeschooling freedoms? It’s up to all of us: We are all ambassadors for our very reasonable and hard-won homeschool law. Here are six concrete, actionable steps YOU can take to be a good ambassador.

  1. Stay informed.
  2. Share accurate information and point people to the law. Wisconsin’s homeschool law is presented very clearly here on our website with links to original source material.
  3. When there is an Action Alert, be ready to act.
    • Write and call your legislators.
    • The biggest thing you can do is to attend hearings in person and log your position and/or testify. This is the most powerful tool for demonstrating unity and expertise to our lawmakers. We try to give as much notice as possible, but often we have very little lead time to issue an Action Alert. Staying informed of WHPA issues, and being prepared to show up in person is a great strategy.
  4. Organize a WHPA 101 session for your area or local homeschool group. It can be in person or virtual, so distance is not a factor! Click here to request a WHPA 101 session.
  5. Encourage your homeschooling friends to join WHPA if they are not yet members! We are stronger when we band together.
  6. Attend quarterly Board Meetings regularly (January, April, July, and October) to see what goes on behind the scenes and stay informed – we have a great time at our board meetings and would love to have you join the fun! Dates are posted on the website – just contact us to request the Zoom link.

Last Updated on 01/30/22

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