26. Attempts by the State to Determine Eligibility to Homeschool (4/97)

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Whereas Wisconsin has a reasonable homeschooling law that is working well; and

Whereas Wisconsin’s homeschooling law protects both the rights of families to homeschool and the interest of the state to see that its citizens do not grow up to be a burden on the state; and

Whereas any law that establishes eligibility requirements for homeschooling undermines the rights and responsibilities of parents to choose for their children an education consistent with their principles and beliefs; and

Whereas any law that gives the state the right to determine who is eligible to homeschool gives the state inappropriate authority in private education; and

Whereas attempts to solve truancy problems by passing legislation that makes habitual truants ineligible to homeschool would thereby undermine the rights and responsibilities of parents; and

Whereas truancy is a complex problem that could not be solved by such legislation; and

Whereas Wisconsin already has laws to deal with truancy, child abuse and neglect, and juvenile crime;

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA will continue to work to maintain Wisconsin’s reasonable homeschooling law and will oppose legislation that would establish eligibility requirements for homeschooling; and

Be it further resolved that WPA will work to inform parents and the general public (including other people involved in private education) and legislators of the unacceptability and risks of giving the state the right to determine who is eligible to homeschool. 4/97

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