39. Government Imposed Immunizations (5/02)

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Whereas bills have been introduced in several states, including Wisconsin, authorizing the governor to require that all citizens be immunized against one or more diseases by declaring a public health emergency; and

Whereas there would in effect be no exceptions to this requirement since those objecting or refusing to be immunized for reasons of health, religion, or personal conviction would be placed in quarantine; and

Whereas giving the government this authority would override existing statutory law that recognizes and provides for exemptions from required immunizations based on health, religion, or personal conviction; and

Whereas clear evidence indicates that immunizations are sometimes unsafe, dangerous, and even fatal; and

Whereas those who believe that immunizations are effective and receive them should be protected against the diseases in question and therefore should not be harmed by those who choose not to be immunized; and

Whereas this kind of legislation is driven more by fear than reason; and

Whereas granting such authority to the government could set a precedent for the loss of other civil liberties unless people exercise reason and independence; therefore,

Be it resolved by members of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA is opposed to such legislation and will work to prevent it and similar legislation from being passed. 5/02

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