12. State goals in education (4/92)

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Whereas in this country, educational goals are now chosen by students and parents, generally assisted by teachers; and

Whereas the compulsory school attendance law requires attendance but does not and cannot dictate the outcome of that education (or there would be no freedom of thought or learning); and

Whereas public schools provide a service for those who choose to use them; and

Whereas the establishment of state goals in education would mean that the law would be requiring “education” rather than attendance; and

Whereas this country was founded in large part on the basis of freedom of thought and belief and with a determination to protect its citizens from the tyranny of state controls over thought and belief; and

Whereas there is no U. S. or Wisconsin constitutional authority for establishing state education goals or for limiting freedom of thought and freedom of education; and

Whereas a free society cannot exist if its citizens are required to have a state education;

Be it resolved by the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) that WPA and its members are opposed to the establishment of state goals in education and will work to inform its members and the general public of the problems and risks associated with the establishment of such goals. 4/92

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