WPA is Now WHPA!

August 19, 2020

Wisconsin Parents Association’s Board of Directors has voted to change our name. We are excited to announce that WPA’s name has evolved to Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association (WHPA).

We feel this change respects our organization’s history, while also acknowledging the contemporary needs of homeschoolers in Wisconsin. We believe it will help homeschoolers find us, as the addition of “homeschooling” to our name makes us more searchable online. We believe the addition of “homeschooling” will also make it easier for legislators to recognize our important role in Wisconsin as the only state-wide grassroots homeschool organization, and the very same group that helped write and originate our homeschooling laws in 1984.

WHPA continues to be steadfast in our mission, vision, principals, and goals as we serve our statewide homeschooling community.

Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association is a state-wide, inclusive, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the right and freedom of parents to provide an education to their children according to their own principles and beliefs.

The name change will gradually be reflected in WHPA’s website, documents, and other communications in the coming months. We look forward to an exciting and challenging year serving all Wisconsin homeschooling families under our new banner: Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association.

Last Updated on 06/11/21

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