WHPA was formed in 1984 to help write the reasonable homeschool law we have today.
WHPA watches for challenges to our homeschooling freedoms.
WHPA provides current and accurate information about Wisconsin homeschooling law.
WHPA prevents problems by promoting full compliance with the law.
WHPA is the only organization that exists to serve all homeschoolers in Wisconsin.
WHPA is a state-wide, inclusive, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the right of freedom of parents to provide an education to their children according to their own principles and beliefs.
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WPA is Now WHPA!

Wisconsin Parents Association’s Board of Directors has voted to change our name. We are excited to announce that WPA’s name has evolved to Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association (WHPA). Read more…

COVID-19, Homeschooling, and WHPA

As families across Wisconsin adapt to life in the time of COVID-19, some are naturally considering homeschooling their children again, or for the first time. WHPA’s purpose is to provide accurate, up-to-date information about and actively monitor legislation regarding homeschooling in Wisconsin.

WHPA’s all-volunteer, working Board of Directors is tracking COVID-19 developments and updating this website to support all Wisconsin homeschoolers. Our seemingly tireless QAC (Question Answering Committee) volunteers continue to field voicemails and emails every day, giving timely and accurate information to all who ask, regardless of their WHPA membership status. Our Legislative Watch volunteers remain on the job, keeping us all abreast of important news and developments that may affect our homeschool laws. Our Newsletters are on schedule, and our WHPA 101 program is available to provide fundamental information.

We encourage you to join WHPA to support this vital work.

Despite the Ongoing Pandemic, Nothing Has Changed in Wisconsin Homeschooling Law

WHPA reminds all homeschooling parents that under Wis Stats 115.30(3), the PI-1206 Homeschool Report includes a statement of enrollment on THE THIRD FRIDAY IN SEPTEMBER, and shall be submitted on or before October 15.

WHPA strongly encourages parents to know and understand their rights and responsibilities under Wisconsin law, and to do no more than the law requires.

On August 24th, State Superintendent of Schools Carolyn Stanford Taylor issued a statement entitled COVID-19 Regulatory Flexibility Framework Provisions for the 2020-21 School Year 08/24/20. In this statement, DPI offers clear guidance to all Wisconsin school districts. Read more…

What is WHPA?

Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association is a state-wide, inclusive, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the right and freedom of parents to provide an education to their children according to their own principles and beliefs.

What Does WHPA Do?

Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association provides accurate, up-to-date information about Wisconsin homeschooling law, and actively monitors state and national legislation regarding homeschooling. Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association helps you advocate for yourself.

Who Are We?

Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association understands that homeschooling families are diverse in their beliefs and backgrounds. We stand together in loving our children, valuing our children’s education, and treasuring our freedom to homeschool. Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association is an inclusive all-volunteer organization, and does not offer opinions in matters of educational methods, religion, or politics. We are strong because of our members.

Is homeschooling right for me?
Are you ready to take 100% responsibility for the education of your child(ren)? How do I know if homeschooling is right for my family? Read more…
Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization supported only through memberships and donations. Read more…
Wisconsin Homeschool Law
What is so unusual (and great!) about Wisconsin homeschooling law? Full legal standing and complete parental control! Read more…
WHPA History
WHPA was formed in 1984 to help write the reasonable homeschool law we have today. We worked to build a network of homeschoolers throughout the state who worked together to reclaim their right to homeschool. Read more…
Start Here
Homeschooling is not generally considered a temporary fix to short-term situations. Rather, it is an educational choice to be taken in view of the full picture of your child and family. Read more…
When and How to File the PI-1206 Homeschool Report
Filing the PI-1206 Homeschool Report properly, giving no more information than is required, and doing it at the appropriate time helps protect our homeschool law. Read more…
Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association provides a wide variety of resources to Wisconsin families. Your donations help make this possible. Read more…
Ask a Homeschooler!
If you have not found the information you are looking for after carefully reading our website and using our search feature, please contact our Question Answering Committee. Read more…

Search the WHPA website for the accurate information you need:

How Do We Protect Our Homeschooling Freedoms?

There are five main things that you can do, as a homeschooler in Wisconsin, to protect homeschooling freedoms.

  1. Know the history of homeschooling in Wisconsin and why homeschooling in Wisconsin is unique.
  2. Know the law and homeschool responsibly. Do what is required of homeschoolers and no more.
  3. Do not push for additional legislation for homeschoolers. Legislation is often amended and rarely passes in the condition that it was introduced.
  4. Do not ask for favors from the government. Favors and money from the government naturally come with oversight and regulation.
  5. Contact your legislators throughout the year to let them know that homeschooling is working in Wisconsin, and that homeschoolers do not support any changes to Wisconsin’s reasonable homeschooling law.

Last Updated on 06/11/21

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