March 9, 2022 – AB 122 UPDATE and ACTION ALERT

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On Tuesday, March 8, the Wisconsin Senate voted to pass AB 122, and it will soon be presented to Gov. Tony Evers for his signature or veto.

This is the final opportunity to stop AB 122 from becoming law.

Please contact Gov. Evers’ office and ask him to VETO AB 122. By doing so, he protects both our clear legal homeschool and private school structure in Wisconsin, and a parent’s inherent right to educate their own children.

Contact information for Gov. Evers:
Phone: (608) 266-1212

You can find WHPA’s background and analysis of these bills under Current Issues.

Our Legislative Watch Committee has monitored AB 122, and its companion bill SB 201, since they were first proposed in October 2020. Countless hours have been invested, first trying to work with the bills’ sponsors to explain the risks and find mutually-acceptable solutions, then communicating with the respective Assembly and Senate Committees on Education, followed by calling, emailing, and meeting with legislators, and most recently mobilizing homeschoolers to call, write, register, and testify in opposition to these unworkable proposals. We are thankful for the ongoing efforts of our members and volunteers, and we are hopeful that Gov. Evers will hear our concerns and veto AB 122.

For 38 years, WHPA has been working to protect our reasonable homeschooling law. Our greatest strength is our grassroots membership, which hails from across our state, and includes families of all kinds, from diverse backgrounds, faiths, political interests, and homeschooling styles. Homeschooling unites us all, and together we will continue to defend the right of every parent in Wisconsin to direct the education of their own children. Please join WHPA in opposing AB 122 and this attempt to undermine the clear legal structure of homeschooling in Wisconsin.

Last Updated on 03/24/22

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