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WHPA was fundamental in the writing and passage of our longstanding reasonable homeschool law in 1984. Our members and member-volunteers have worked hard ever since to protect our rights. WHPA needs our members and allies to speak up now.

WHPA Is Not A Lobbyist Firm

WHPA is Wisconsin’s only statewide, grassroots, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to protect every Wisconsin parent’s right to educate their own children according to their own principles and beliefs. “Grassroots” means WHPA exists to empower parents to exercise their rights and freedoms. “Grassroots” means when we need to share a message with legislators, we rely on our members and allies to speak up for themselves and for each other.

Making WHPA a grassroots organization was not an accident. Because parental rights are personal, and homeschooling is so deeply entwined with the family and family issues, the founders of WHPA knew that what homeschooling parents need in a statewide group is not an organization to cede their voice to, but an organization that would help amplify each individual voice. We need your individual voices to speak up today.

Please call each of the Wisconsin senators listed below. They are the members of the Senate Committee on Education. This committee is shortly going to vote on whether or not to pass SB 201, for the creation of “micro education pods” to the full senate for a vote. Please call each number, and tell the senator you are asking them to VOTE NO on SB 201. This is a nonpartisan issue that protects the rights of all Wisconsin parents. Tell them voting NO on SB 201 is standing up for parental rights.

  • Senator Alberta Darling, Committee Chair: (608) 266-5830
  • Senator Kathleen Bernier, Vice Chair: (608) 266-7511
  • Senator Stephen Nass: (608) 266-2635
  • Senator John Jagler: (608) 266-5660
  • Senator Chris Larson: (608) 266-7505
  • Senator Jeff Smith: (608) 266-8546
  • Senator LaTonya Johnson: (608) 266-2500

Every phone call is a valuable, powerful message to our legislators. You do not need to stay on the phone a long time just to call and relay your opposition. If the senator is unavailable to speak in person, you can speak with an aide, expressing your opposition to this bill, or even leave a voicemail.

If you have any questions about the bills to create “micro education pods” please see the previous WHPA emails and statements (dated February 18 and February 24), and reach out to WHPA with any specific questions.

In the past year, WHPA has been diligently communicating with legislators, stressing our opposition to “micro education pods.” Our Board of Directors has reached out to legislators through phone calls, meetings, emails, policy statements, public hearing testimony, and through the distribution of our semi-annual newsletter to every legislative office. Adding your personal voice to our hard work will greatly strengthen our message of opposition to these bills that threaten our parental rights.

Thank you for speaking up for your own rights and for the rights of all Wisconsin parents to choose homeschooling! Together we can protect our rights, our law, and our freedom.

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