January 30, 2018 – Representative Sinicki Requests the Formation of a Committee to Study Wisconsin Homeschool Law

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We have confirmed that Representative Sinicki has requested that the Joint Legislative Council create a Study Committee to review the Home-Based Private Educational Program Law in Wisconsin.

The purpose of a Study Committee is to identify a problem and offer legislative solutions. Since the homeschooling law in Wisconsin is not a problem and we do not want additional homeschooling legislation, we do not want this to move forward.

Please contact the co-chairs, Representative Brooks and Senator Roth, and let them know that Wisconsin’s homeschooling law is working well as it is and you do not support the creation of a Study Committee.

Phone calls are most valuable. Be prepared to offer your name, phone number, and street address so that they can enter you in their phone log. Please continue calling until you reach a staff member.

Everyone should contact Representative Brooks and Senator Roth even if you do not live in their district. They are the two legislators who decide if this moves forward.

After contacting both of them, please also consider contacting the list of legislators on the committee and letting them know that you do not support a Study Committee on Home-based Private Educational Program (homeschooling) law.

When you contact the members of this Council, many of whom are supportive of homeschooling, please remember that you are a reflection of the homeschooling community in Wisconsin.

Homeschoolers must stand together and speak with one voice. Please share this with all Wisconsin homeschoolers and supporters.

Wisconsin Parents Association will continue to actively monitor this situation, and will inform you of updates and if any additional action is needed. Please check your email (members hear from us first) you can also subscribe to a non-member list from our website or look to our Facebook page for updates.

Representative Brooks
(608) 267-2369

Senator Roth
(608) 266-0718

Ask them not to support the creation of a Study Committee on the Home-based Private Educational Program (homeschooling) law in Wisconsin.

If you have time, also contact any and/or all of the committee members: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2017/committees/joint/1692

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