2021 Conference

Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association
38th Annual Conference and Resource Fair

October 2020

It is with heavy hearts that the Board of Directors has made the decision to preemptively cancel our 2021 Annual Conference and Resource Fair. There were numerous factors that went into the decision – all of which surround these incredibly uncertain times we are facing in the midst of a pandemic. As with our decision to cancel the 2020 conference, this is not the outcome we wanted.

Safety is clearly our first and foremost concern: The Stevens Point Holiday Inn & Convention Center staff are doing their best to meet the needs of their customers, and although they are more than willing to make efforts towards the safety of our families, we were unable to come to terms as an organization with how we can possibly ensure anyone’s safety. Unfortunately, in this highly litigious society, there are great risks involved with these considerations. The size and nature of our conference simply makes it impossible to fit within any guidelines of what is deemed “safe.” In addition, how “safe” looks today more than likely will continue to change. Under no circumstances will WHPA risk the safety of any of our children or families. Nor could we ask speakers, countless volunteers, volunteer families, exhibitors, or event staff to risk their safety.

In addition to safety concerns, thousands of volunteer hours go into planning our conference. That planning begins in August of the prior year, and we work through and past the conference into late May to ensure its success. As Committee Chair, I cannot ask our volunteers to put their time, effort, and passion into planning a conference, knowing the high probability of having to cancel at the last minute. We had considered, albeit it for only a moment, what it would be to try planning two conferences at the same time – one virtual and one in-person. Unfortunately, it is too much for us to consider in light of our clear understanding of the hours put into planning.

As a working all-volunteer Board, our time and efforts in recent months have been nearly around-the-clock, seven days a week, focused on preserving our freedoms as homeschoolers as we face unprecedented times with the pandemic’s effects. We are excited to explore the possibilities of virtual opportunities for our members, including our WHPA 101 sessions, but our foremost priority as an organization is continuing to face these threats head-on. We will keep you updated with any new developments.

Ultimately, we love the conference and what it brings to the homeschooling community as much as you do, and we are saddened that the times we face are bringing us to such terms. We appreciate our members’ continued interest and understanding during these times, and we look forward to being able to gather again in person someday soon.


Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association
Board of Directors and
2021 Conference Committee

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