2021 Virtual Events

In early 2020, the board anticipated the complications that would arise with the pandemic. As schools struggled and parents en masse pulled their children from brick and mortar schools the landscape of homeschooling changed drastically. In response, we put in an inordinate amount of time serving the ever growing community of homeschoolers.

In late 2020, the Board turned their attention to planning and scheduling a series of virtual mini events to offer homeschoolers in place of the canceled 2021 conference.

Coffee With The Board

Coffee With The Board was offered twice a month to current WHPA members for free, as informal conversations around the topics our attending members suggested.

Table Talks

Table Talks were offered to members at no cost, and non-members for just $5, covering topics such as 875 Hrs, Do No Harm (protecting our homeschool law), Finding Your Homeschool Style, Socialization and Finding Your Homeschool Groups.

Annual Member Meeting

Thirty-seven years ago on April 25, 1984, WPA’s founders wrote the following in Issue #1 of the newsletter:
“To keep a positive climate for home school [sic] in Wisconsin, we need to be vigilant, organized, and ready to act. We have seen what can be accomplished when we concentrate on our commitment to making homeschooling legally possible and reasonable. It’s pretty obvious what future home schooling [sic] laws would be like if we don’t continue to fight for our rights.”

The 37th annual WHPA member meeting was held on May 1, and was the very first WHPA member meeting to be held virtually. The Board thanks each of our members for their continued support. This is a grassroots organization, and YOU – our members – are the ones who make this possible.

These events were all met with incredible success. The current Board has grown very close over the last year and have helped each other weather the pandemic. As a completely all inclusive bi-partisan group, the one thing that draws us together is homeschooling, and we love to talk about it.

Last Updated on 07/07/21

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