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Understand the Source

Social Media

Beware! Social media sites like Facebook are at best neutral for gauging the truth of information about homeschooling.

A For-Profit Business

Private businesses are often not aware of important legal issues that affect Wisconsin homeschoolers. Check twice on advice from sellers of private educational services, curricula, or even online or conference “expertise.”

A Not-for-Profit Organization

Not all nonprofits are the same: check into any group’s sources of funding, online reviews or criticisms, history, transparency, and local expertise.

Understand the Angle

Benefits a Small Group

If this information is true, who benefits? One family? One religion? One business? People who want to “federalize” homeschooling? People with unrelated policy goals?

Benefits All Wisconsin Homeschooling Families

Is this information correct under Wisconsin law, and therefore protective of all the rights of all our fellow Wisconsin homeschoolers?


These contexts should warn you that the information may not be correct!

Emotional Appeals and Click Bait

“Homeschooling Mom Discriminated Against!”

“You’re Failing Your Kids!”

“Does Studying History Give You Eye Strain?”

The Plural of ‘Anecdote’ is Not ‘Data’

When looking for accurate information, beware of generalizing individual experiences to all cases, without sound evidence. Beware of grudges and personal agendas.

The Usual Suspects

Proceed with caution if any information you are looking for appears from only one source, from only for-profit sources, or from any source that asks for your private information.

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Last Updated on 09/09/20

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