Why Attend?

Check out a few of past conference attendees’ thoughts on WHPA’s Annual Homeschooling Conference and Resource Fair.

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“I attend because I always come away encouraged by the fellowship with other homeschoolers. We are diverse in our approach, but we are all focused on doing what is best for our children and family – and that is a wonderful group of people to spend time with.”

~A 19-conference veteran

“The conference is like coming home. When we attended our first conference 12 years ago it was such a comfort to know there were so many families like ours choosing to educate our kids in our own way.

“To attend the sessions and hear that your struggles are not yours alone and to learn how to ease the stress and find enjoyment – nothing better. To learn how to handle what is around the corner whether that be your first year of homeschooling, middle school or preparing for jobs or heading to college.

“The conference is a reminder that you know your family best and to provide you with the tools to keep your family first while educating and enjoying life.

“The best part is not having to explain what homeschooling is! To just move forward and learn yourself is such a treat.

“Our family has missed seeing friends, making new friends and the abundance of conversations and laughs that make up the conference weekend.”

~A family that has attended 10 WHPA conferences

“Being in the presence of so many homeschool families and feeling an uplifting sense of community with people we had not met prior to the event”

~3-conference veteran

“I love that my whole family can find workshops and activities of interest to them! We all have so much to talk about at the end of the day, and so many ideas of what to try next in our homeschool. I especially like being surrounded by other homeschoolers, and meeting people with different styles and approaches.”

~Attendee of 2 conferences

“I have only been able to attend one conference when I started homeschooling in 2015 and I am so glad I did. Going to this conference gave me a deeper understanding of our amazing homeschooling freedom in Wisconsin and many, many ideas for our unschooling journey.”

~Attended one conference

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Last Updated on 10/18/22

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