Homeschool Snapshot Submissions

One of the highlights at WHPA’s annual event is always the slideshow showcasing our members’ homeschooling photos from the year. We’d love for you to share your journey with us! Make sure to grab those snapshots along the way – and submit them here throughout the year!

We’re looking into ways to share your short (<10 second) videos, too. So don’t be shy – share your favorite memories!

To submit your photo(s)/video(s), complete and submit the form below.

Please Note: A caption of some kind is required, but it’s completely up to you what to include. You may want to be very general, e.g. “Zoo field trip.” Or you may choose to be more specific, e.g. “Johnny (11) and Jane (7) get up close and personal with Sabrina the Star-Nosed Mole during our field trip to the Anytown Zoo. March 2022.” Caption may include description, subject(s)/initial(s)/age(s), location/area, date/month/season, photographer/videographer credit, etc. The Caption will be shared exactly as you type it, so please do not include info you’re not willing to have publicized.

If you have questions, please email


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