2022 Annual Conference and Resource Fair

With a heavy heart, the Board of Directors has cancelled our in-person 2022 Annual Homeschooling Conference and Resource Fair. Moving parts of this pandemic continue to change on a daily basis. Asking for commitments from dozens of volunteers who put in thousands of hours of work while trying to predict 9 months into the future for resource availability, staffing, and mandates, not to mention the financial risks seem far outside our realm of our ability or control. The Board is putting together a new series of virtual events and is excitedly looking toward Fall, Winter & Spring sessions while we wait to see how the world will work and interact with each other in-person in the coming year.

On August 9th we began a series of 16 Back to (Home)School virtual events including Coffee With The Board sessions starting at 7:30 am and Lunch & Learn sessions starting at 12:15 PM on various dates through September. Topics include: 

  • Taking The Fear Out of Homeschooling
  • Not Back To School
  • What I’ve Loved Most About Homeschooling (Inspiration from Seasoned Homeschoolers) 
  • Choosing Your Homeschool Style 
  • Do No Harm & Don’t Be Led Astray 
  • Following Wisconsin Law (Doing Only What’s Necessary) 
  • Homeschooling With Grace – What You Can Do When Your World is Topsy Turvey 
  • Record Keeping & Transcripts 
  • Socialization – The Myth & Mystery 
  • What Worked For Me – Conversations with Seasoned Homeschoolers 
  • How Can I Help? Volunteering for WHPA (for members only)
  • 875 Hours – How Do I Meet Them? What Counts? What Doesn’t? 
  • What IS Legislative Watch? Why is it SO important?
  • How To Be A Good Homeschooling Citizen

These sessions are open to both members and non-members. The fee to attend is $3 for members and $5 for non-members. The Board values our volunteers’ time and commitment, so we chose to charge for these sessions to ensure registrants’ attendance.

In addition we have scheduled two WHPA 101 virtual sessions (once in August and once in September). 

In October the Conference Committee will meet to discuss how we can expand our virtual events with even more dynamic offerings. We invite you to submit your requests and suggestions through the contact form

And it is our sincerest hope that 2023 will bring us the opportunity to safely gather in person once again, with workshops and vendors and connections and recognition and all the learning and community-building that comes with our Annual Homeschooling Conference and Resource Fair that we all truly miss.

Thank you for your membership, your support, and your understanding.

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